Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Vacation Recap: Tokyo to Seoul part 1

For my spring vacation, I went to Tokyo and Seoul. The main focus for the trip was to eat and shop. I liked how I was able to go at my own pace and not have to hurry. Here are some highlights of my time in Tokyo. If you follow me on instagram @ juletsheeeh, you might have seen some of these pictures =)

We arrived late at Tokyo so we were only able to grab food from the supermarket.

of course I cannot resist matcha roll cake!! and it was sooooooo good!

this ham and egg sandwich was soooooo good that I had to have one every day.

Takoyaki was on our MUST EAT list and it was amazing!

I do not know what this was, but it tasted like a veggie bacon egg sandwich. Not the greatest but still worth trying.

I loved how at Asakusa, they had made a adorable little map with all the chefs listed on it. If only I could read Japanese.

Akihabara, where BF tried many times to win stuff at the games but lost. =(

they even had the LINE emoticon

At Tokyo Station, I really want to go to Character Street. and OMG I wanted to buy almost everything there. Luckily BF stopped me from doing so. I did want this pancake pan really bad though!

Of course Japan would not be without it's manga stores!

I wanted these Totoro cups really badly. They are super adorable!!!

At Tokyo station, they have a store that sold a whole bunch of different flavored kit kats! Our haul consisted of sakura matcha, cheesecake, red bean, citrus, chili, wasabi, rum raisin, apple, strawberry, sweet potato, pudding, and cream cheese.

BF saw the Calbee store in Tokyo station and insisted on going to get freshly made cheese chips.

In Tokyo Station, we also went to Ramen street where we got our ramen fix.

One of the places I really wanted to go to was the Kit Kat store in Seibu Department store. Sad to say, it was disappointing. I was expecting a big store, all themed out. All it was a corner stand on the basement level of the department store. 

While walking around Harajuku, we wandered into a okonomiyaki store where we had an amazing lunch. 

On our last night, we were exploring Shibuya and found this 150 yen sushi shop. You order from the computer screen and the food rolls out to you from the conveyor belt.

I personally never eat sashimi but this was one of those times where everything I tried was super delicious that it made me want to order more dishes of sashimi.

While walking, we saw so many sakura trees! super pretty!

Before we left for the airport, we went to go grab some curry. It was the best curry I have ever had. BF had the hamburger with cheese and I got the chicken katsu. Both of them were AMAZING!!

Since it was sakura season, we just had to stop by Mcdonald's in the airport to try their special menu. 

Next week, onward to Seoul!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

I was in need of a new gentle exfoliator so I picked this thing up after running out of my Cure peeling gel. I was able to buy it at the downtown SF Nordstrom for $60.

The packaging is sturdy and very nice. The sales associate told me that the bottle inside has a stopper so each time you use the product, it will dispense the exact amount you need per time. I have used the product for over two months and there is still a lot of product left.  The peel is in a form of a powder that foams up when you add a little bit of water to it. I only use it once a week and I usually massage it on for a about a minute a half before rinsing off.  The product does not have any scent and it does not irritate my skin.

Overall, I really do like the product but it is very expensive. With a $60 price tag, I cannot see myself repurchasing it unless I have a coupon or a Nordstrom note. Sephora does sometimes offer samples of this product if you want to try.

Friday, April 4, 2014

the bubble tea travels: BB Tea Station

BB Tea Station took over what used to be Fluffy Snow on Noriega. BB Tea Station is located at 1314 Noriega street in the Sunset district.

When I first went here, the menu was kind of confusing. They do serve a bit of everything though.

Both the milk tea and the tapioca was average. I did not feel there was anything special or exciting about it. The main draw for this place is that you can play games while drinking your drinks. This time we played fei hung kai, Flying Planes game. It totally brought me back to my childhood where I would play this for hours.

So if you want a place to just chill and relax with friends while drinking milk tea, go over to BB Tea Station.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Favorites

March seemed to drag on for me. But luckily my vacation is coming up and I am beyond ready for it. I'm off to Tokyo and Seoul, hopefully I will not get

This month I did not really have any beauty favorites but I do have some yummy food favorites!

Egg Tarts from the food truck Hongry Kong. They were so good! BF got the red bean, taro, butter, and flaky.

I recently went back to Burma Cafe. It really made me miss how yummy their house special noodle and tea leaf salad was.

I have been trying to eat more healthy at work and I have been loving the House Special Salad with grilled chicken from Dolores Park Cafe.

And finally my last favorite dish this month has been from Toyose with their fish cake soup. super yummy!

And now my favorite KPOP songs of the month: I can't pick between these two. 1) Sunmi's Full Moon. I love the sultry beat that goes with her voice.

2) 2NE1's Come Back Home unplugged version. I love it when they tend to strip down the songs. It makes it really mellow and quite easy to listen to.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

the bubble tea travels: Tpumps

In my opinion, T pumps is the shop that restarted the bubble tea craze in the Bay Area. They have quickly grown popular and now have three stores open in the Bay Area. Here are the addresses of the main two that I go to:

106 S B St
San Mateo, CA 94401

1916 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122

The main difference with T-Pumps is that you can customize your bubble tea. You pick out your flavors then decide what type of tea to have it with (mostly either with green or black tea), then you decide on your level of sweetness, have it with or without milk, boba or no boba, and finally the size of your drink.

I like to go to the first Tpumps which is in San Mateo. I really like their honey boba. The boba are really soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness. Almost every drink I have tried from Tpumps I have liked. The price is quite good too: $2.70 for a 24oz and $3.80 for a 32oz.  The downside to Tpumps is that there is always a long line, most of the time it is out the door. It also gets really hot while waiting in line since the place is pretty small. But I do like how the staff would walk around to pass out free samples to ease the wait in line. Once you order, it does not take long to get your drink.  (This is only true of the San Mateo location, not the other ones.)

If you do go to one of the locations, here are my recommendations: 

Watermelon guava green tea
Peach black milk tea
passion mango black milk tea
red bean black milk tea
pomegranate blackberry black tea