Sunday, August 24, 2014

the bubble tea travels: Plentea

Plentea is located in the Financial district on 341 Kearny Street. 

This place is quite hard to get to since it is located in downtown SF. Parking is very hard so it is highly recommended that you take public transportation to get there. The gimmick with this place is that they give you your drink in glass bottles. 

BF and I ordered honey lemon green tea with tapioca and ice milk with caramel pudding. The price for these drinks are high: roughly $5 for one but it is cheaper if you do not want it with the glass bottles. For the price I expected better quality but the drinks were disappointing to me. It lacked flavor the boba was kind of hard.  I will not come back here. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

winding down with summer movies

It is my official last weekend of summer break. Starting Monday, school will be back in session. My hope is that the year will fly by quick and that it will not overwhelm me too much. Is it bad that I am already looking forward to a three day weekend?! So to wind down school starts, of course I went to the movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This was the one movie everyone told me that I had to see. Honestly, BF dragged me out of bed so that we could get there for the first showing of the day which resulted in me being half awake during the movie. But I did not fall asleep during it! The movie was filled with nostlagic songs, action, and humor. This is a definite must see if you have not already seen it. It keeps everyone entertained! I almost bought the soundtrack just cause the songs were sooo good!


BFF wanted to watch this to see Scarlett Johansson kick ass. The film started off really well and then it got really weird in the middle with a even worse ending. I walked out of the film thinking WTF?! They had a good concept but unfortunately it just did not flow very well. Don't watch this, you will walk out feeling very disappointed.

The Expendables 3

Once again the movie was filled with all star ensemble cast. The first two movies in this series was entertaining so BF and I was looking forward to this one. However sad to say, it was disappointing. The writing was not as good. It had too many characters so there was not enough screen time for everyone and the characters were not developed too well. The only good thing about this movie was how Antonio Banderas made me laugh really hard. I would wait for this movie to come out on DVD or netflix to watch it, not worth going to the theater for. 

Well that wraps up my season of summer movies. I am looking forward to when Sin City 2 opens. I hope it's good!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Monthly Faves: July 2014

July flew by too quick for me. Now that it is August, I am busy preparing for a new school year. My head is often filled with grumblings about how fast summer break flew by. =(

Here are some products that I have been enjoying using this month.

from right to left:

Cortizone-10 intensive healing lotion: I kept getting dry patches on my arms but no matter what I did, they wouldn't go away. Finally BF suggested I use this and it finally slowly started to disappear!

Hourglass mineral veil primer: I was able to get a sample size of this from Sephora using my points. I used it during my trip in Hong Kong and liked it. I am still testing it out but so far, I do really like it.

Clinque Acne solutions clearing gel: I forgot my origins spot remover so I picked this up at the airport. It worked just as well as my origins one but just a little bit slower. I also like how it is a bigger size than the Origins one.

Fruits of the Earth Aloe Vera: My skin has been on the fritz lately so I had to go back to using aloe vera everyday on my skin. This has helped calm down my hives. For less than $2, it is not bad at all!

Skindinavia no more shine makeup setting spray: Thank goodness for this spray because without it, I am pretty sure my makeup would have melted away in Hong Kong humidity.

Favorite snack:
I have been obsessed with these two candies that I got in a random supermarket in Hong Kong. It's matcha and black sesame flavor. BF loves the matcha whereas I love the black sesame.

sad thing is that I am slowly running out. =( 

Kpop song of the month: Sistar- Touch My Body Acoustic Version. It's poppy and catchy without being too much. I like the acoustic as well was the original and it never fails to put me in a good mood. 

It's the end of my summer!!! =( 

Friday, August 1, 2014

the bubble tea travels: Craftea

Craftea is a new place that opened up in the Sunset area. It is located at 1353 Taraval Street between 23rd and 24th Ave (It's actually closer to 24th). The place is pretty small with only being able to hold roughly 20 people.

As you can see from above, their menu prices range from $3+. They do have specialty tea drinks as well as the classic milk teas. Similar to T-pumps, you can adjust your drink's sweetness level.

Our order consisted of The Sunset and Oolong Milk tea with Honey boba.

The Sunset was pretty good. I liked how they added bits of lychee into the drink. The Oolong milk tea was not bad either. It had good flavor and tea was not overpowering. The honey boba was a bit too hard for my liking but I could taste the honey. The place is small but they do have seating and board games for you to play to pass your time. The prices are a bit high for the drinks but I do not mind visiting this place again. I look forward to my next visit to Craftea to try of their drinks.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hong Kong

How should I describe Hong Kong? My initial impression, it felt like Chinatown x1000. Just a tip: definitely go with a local person who knows the area well.  They can take you to all the good places to eat. Here are some highlights from my trip...keep in mind it is mostly food related....LOL...

Started off my trip with eating porridge and rice noodles for breakfast

Then we went to eat tortoise jelly. It was my first time trying it, so I was extremely nervous.

One of the things I had to see on my list was to visit the Studio Ghibli store. Luckily I found it at LCX at Harbor City Mall. Needless to say, I almost wanted to buy everything in that store.

Luckily while I was in town there was a Studio Ghibli exhibit at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The museum was crowded and for good reason. The exhibit was amazing! Each drawing was so meticulous and I was in awe of it.

I did end up going to the peak.  It was a nice place to relax and take a breather.

I was on the hunt for curry fish balls! Luckily one of my students recommended this place. They made fish balls in the form of siu mai and also regular curry fish balls.

of course we cannot forget about dessert!!

I was also able to get some wonton noodles and pickled pigs feet.

Night view of Hong Kong and the Snoopy display in front of Harbor City.

My favorite buns: taro and green onion. It seemed like I always had a bun with me while I was out.

On our way to see the Big Buddha, we ended up buying a package ticket which included transportation to see one of the last fishing villages, Dai Oh.

I shall leave you all with one of my most favorite meals from Yee Shun Milk Company: double layer milk pudding, ham and egg sandwich, spam macaroni.

I know this was a picture heavy post but I hope you all enjoyed looking at them!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sorry no post this week as I am fighting crazy jet lag from my trip to Hong Kong. I will try to post something up later this week. But if you follow me on instagram can check out my adventures there in Hong Kong and my 10 hour layover in Seoul!

let me leave you with one of my favorite food items I ate in HK! double layer steamed milk pudding...

until next time!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

KT tape vs Rock tape

Since I injured my knee, I had to wear athletic tape around my knee area. Two most popular types are KT tape and Rock tape. Luckily I was able to try both brands with my injury.

I first started with Rock Tape. With Rock Tape you have to cut your own strips whereas KT Tape is already precut.

In the first picture below, I was taped up with help from my trainer. The second picture was done by me a few days later.

I really liked how strong and stable the tape was. Any movement I made, it did not cause the tape to peel off or move. Even when I showered with this, the tape did not peel off. It was not until the 4th day that it finally started to ripple a little bit as you can see above. Overall, I really liked Rock Tape. You can get it from Sports Basement for $16 or via Amazon.

KT Tape was used after my first round with Rock Tape. Luckily BF had some left over from his previous injury. KT Tape retails for $12.99 at Sports Authority.

The great thing about KT Tape is that it is already pre cut into strips. As you can see the picture above, it has two smaller strips per 1 section.

With KT tape, I did feel that the hold was not strong enough. In fact after 1 day, the tape had started peeling as you can see from above. The peeling annoyed me so much that I just took it off after 1 day. Perhaps it is better suit for injuries that do not require bending?!

After the failure with KT Tape, BF suggested we try out KT Tape Pro. It retails for $20 and it is also pre cut into strips. It comes with a nice storage case and the tape is one big reflective strip instead of two small ones.

Once again, I had my trainer tape me up.

What really annoyed me was that in less than 1 day, the strip was already starting to fray. After two days, it started to peel and ripple. The KT Tape Pro does have more hold than regular KT Tape but I was annoyed with the fraying and the peeling.

Overall, Rock Tape was the winner for me. I liked how it was really strong and supportive it was. It also lasts for up to 5 days.  The only downside is that it can be tricky to get your hands on it. But it is available on Amazon and at Sports Basement. I highly recommend using Rock Tape if you are in need of sports injury tape.