Sunday, January 12, 2014

tagged: The Liebster award

Aki from 7% solution tagged me in an Liebster Award! I really have not done these before but I will do my best. =)

The Rules
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Aki's Questions:

1. What winter holidays do you celebrate, if any?
I do celebrate Christmas, New Years, and Lunar New Year if it falls under winter.

2. What is your favorite thing about these winter holidays (or just winter)?
I love the holiday decorations that people put up and being able to go up to Tahoe to ski.

3. What is your least favorite thing about winter holidays (or just winter)?
That would most definitely be going to shop for gifts. Every mall is jammed pack and parking is horrible.

4. Are you ever afraid of burning your mouth on hot beverages?
yes and I have burned my mouth several times.

5. What's the most overrated thing about winter?
Christmas only because it has become associated with people shopping and what deal you can get.

6. What's the most underrated thing about winter?
Going to play in the snow. I feel like we never have enough time to just play.

7. Do you actually like the cold weather? What's "cold" to you?
I love the cold weather. I would say I would consider it to be really cold when it dips below 35°F.

8. If you could visit one place in the winter, where would it be?
I would love to visit Hong Kong during the winter because all my friends say that's the best time to go.

9. What's the coldest weather you've been in?
It would have to be when I lived in South Korea for a year. During winter, it got as low as the negatives.

10. Have you ever seen snow? What is your favorite snowy memory?
I have seen snow and I love to play in it. My favorite time was when I got off work one evening and all the streets were covered deep in snow. My co workers and I just ran to the middle of the road and started making snow angels and throwing snowballs at one another.

11. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus? When did you stop?
I did believe in Santa up until I was around 9. I only stopped because I think someone told me they were all fake.

I choose to tag (sorry that it will be less than 11):

Here are my questions. (they are quite random):
1) What is the one beauty item you cannot live without?
2) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
3) What is your favorite way to relax?
4) What's your favorite movie?
5) If you had a superpower what would it be?
6) What is currently on repeat in your playlist?
7) What is one junk food item you can never say no to?
8) What's your favorite thing to watch on tv?
9) What's your favorite item to eat?
10) If you want one of your five senses heightened, which one would it be?
11) What's your favorite book?


  1. Thanks for doing this! You asked great questions and I loved reading your responses.

    7% Solution

    1. thank you for tagging me! i had fun doing it!

  2. You are so sweet for tagging me-- thank you! I would totally love to go to Hong Kong too since my parents have been multiple times and LOVE it! :)

    Here are my answers:
    1. foundation!
    2. I'd love to go to Japan.
    3. Snuggling up under blankets and reading a good book!
    4. Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers
    5. To stop time
    6. We are the Pipettes
    7. Spicy Sriracha peas
    8. Sherlock
    9. Uh... spicy sriracha peas!
    10. sight
    11. That's such a hard question to ask! My all time fave when I was a kid was Alice in Wonderland or Little Women. I read those ALL THE TIME!

    1. thank you for answering it! i love reading your answers, it totally made me laugh!