Friday, December 13, 2013

the bubble tea travels: Sharetea

ShareTea is a new place that opened up recently in San Mateo. It is located at 60 E 3rd Ave in San Mateo. It is a bit further away from the main strip.  I heard about Sharetea from my friend but never had the time to go and try it until recently.

They serve a variety of bubble tea drinks with their specialty being their creama drinks. I have tried their milk tea and their creama drinks.

From left to right: Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea, Mango Green Tea Creama, Classic Black Milk Tea

Left to Right: Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea, Oolong Tea Creama

This is a closer look at their Mango Green Tea Creama. It's their specialty whipped cream that you can mix together with the drink. They tell you to cut a slit on the top first and then sip the drink.

BF sampling it.

Overall thoughts: I do not like their bubble milk tea. The pearls are rather hard instead of being soft and chewy. The milk tea is really bitter and has a bit of a burnt aftertaste to it.  But I do really like their Matcha Red Bean Milk tea. It's super yummy and is one of my favorite items on the menu. Their creama drinks are also very good. The Mango Green Tea Creama tastes like mango pudding! Soo good! This place is definitely worth a visit!

Here is what I recommend ordering:
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea
Cocoa Creama
Mango Green Tea Creama
Wintermelon Tea Creama

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  1. ohhh i had so much bubble tea in taipei i miss it so much! you're making me jealouss.. but good to know it's not that good so when i visit sf i can skip it :)