Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cafe VIP jr.

Sometimes, there is just nothing better but HK comfort food. That's where Cafe VIP jr comes in. It is opened by the same owner who used to own VIP cafe in Chinatown. Cafe VIP jr is located in Milbrae on 213 El Camino Real. (It's right next to Ben Tre.)

The food there reminds of me ABC Bakery & Cafe. We always order the baked meat sauce spaghetti and the baked pork chop or baked ox tongue over rice. Each time we go, the food is super satisfying and their portions are really really big. especially for the sizzling platter.

BF ordered the ribeye steak on sizzling platter. and it is pretty damn good!

Baked meat sauce spaghetti and baked pork chops over rice. Look at how big it is! I had a total of 3 pork chops in there!

and of course the baked meat sauce spaghetti is always super yummy!

The downside of the cafe is that it is only open Friday through Sunday. They do have a limited menu and their milk tea is not sweet even with condensed milk. But BF & I do highly recommend going there for their food. Prices are pretty good with each dish being roughly $10. If you are in Milbrae, definitely go check out Cafe VIP jr for some yummy food!


  1. oh man! i'm so jealous!! you have no idea how much i miss HK comfort food.. HK/british fusion food is soooo noms.. baked rice w/ cheese over everything love!! hahahaha. i never realized how much i took living in SF for granted because you can't get this type of food just anywhere!

  2. yum!!!! I crave HK cafe food at times too. the baked spaghetti dishes r my fave. but so weird it is only open fri & sat!!